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    the preservation of fabric fibers and leathers allows for insights into the attire of ancient societies. the clothing used in the ancient world reflects the technologies that these peoples mastered. in many cultures, clothing indicated the social status of various members of society.
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    the name macedonia (greek: μακεδονία, makedonía) comes from the ethnonym μακεδόνες (makedónes), which itself is derived from the ancient greek adjective μακεδνός (makednós), meaning "tall", possibly descriptive of the people.it has the same root as the adjective μακρός (makros), meaning "long" or "tall" in ancient greek.
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    spring 2019 undergraduate courses-updated (click for .pdf) spring 2019 graduate courses-updated (click for .pdf) the classics program offers an undergraduate major and minor in both the b.a. and b.s. degrees. students pursuing a major or minor in classics study latin and/or ancient greek, ancient history, mythology and folklore, and ancient philosophy.

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